• WEAR A HELMET - Helmets are required for all participants. The helmet must be worn with the chin strap fastened at all times while riding.  

  • RIDE AN APPROVED BICYCLE - We welcome any type of bike - but have a few requests... any unusual bikes to start in the back. Also, triathlon and time trial bikes are welcome, but we require you to ride on the brake hoods (not in the aerobars) whenever riding in a group, and NO drafting.  

  • OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS - Naturally, our rural routes have hardly any traffic lights. But the roads will be open to cars, so abiding by the rules of the road is a must. Keep your wits about you.

  • USE ELECTRONIC DEVICES SAFELY - Please leave your headphones at home. Also, use of cell phones is only permitted off the road and off the bike. We don't want any distracted cyclists.

  • LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER - When riding in a group, be vocal - let each other know of potholes, debris and when passing. 

  • BE GREEN - No littering please - aid stations will have trash bins!

  • BE GRATEFUL - Lots of generous folks are volunteering their time to make our event great, give them a shout out when passing by!


  • ENTRIES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE - This is a small and growing event, so cancellations greatly affect us. Sorry, we also can't defer registration to future years.

  • THINGS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL - In the highly unlikely event that we have a flood, storm, snowfall or some other natural/man-made disaster, we may have to cancel rides and entire events. In that terrible scenario, we can't refund any entry fees, but we'll do our best to give you all your t-shirts, meal, and gifts.


  • WHEN IS ELLEN'S TOUR DE SUSSEX? - It will take place on June 13th 2020.

  • WHO DO I CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION? - You can reach us at

  • IS THIS A RACE? - No, it is not a race. Get comfortable and enjoy the landscapes Kings County has to offer.

  • WHAT KIND OF BIKE DO I NEED? - Road bike is likely the common choice, but almost any bike will do. All roads are paved, but keep an eye out for pot holes.


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